Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pleasantly Suprised

Lately I've come to realize that some of the situations in life that I fret over are things that actually turn out. And sometimes turn out better than I could have imagined. 

Mr. P told me the other day that he tends to look at things from a "worst case scenario". Oh, ouch. I told him that I do that too and I'm sorry I passed that on to him. 

When faced with a change or an unknown I play out all the worst case scenarios in my head...and maybe out loud. For some reason it helps me to feel ready or prepared. I guess in some situations it's disaster preparedness. In other situations it's really not necessary.

One way I'm helping my brain and body to not automatically go into "worst case" is by taking time to recognize how great something turns out that I was initially worried about. 

For instance: Sis's soccer team last year was comprised of all girls she knew and attended school with. We knew every family and they were great people and friends. Then the league made changes to the age cutoff at the end of the season. This meant that none of the girls would be on the same team as Sis. The other girls were born after the cutoff. 

Oh I fretted. Sis is a nervous and shy girl and I worried that she wouldn't do well with a new team. It takes her a long time to warm up. I asked around town to see if she could join a team with anyone we knew. I couldn't find anyone in her age bracket. So, I signed her up and waited....and fretted about all the worst case things that could go through my head. Like, she'd be afraid...wouldn't want to go, wouldn't play well due to feeling shy, wouldn't know anyone, would have a mean/weird/crazy coach. On and on. 

Soccer started back in August and Sis was shy at first. She did not know anyone on the team. But, amazing things have happened! The coach is fantastic. The girls are very nice. Sis has come out of her shy shell. And to top it off the team is really good with a 4-0 record so far. 

At one of the practices last week I got teary watching Sis run around the field while giggling with her team. She and the other girls had their arms wrapped around each other's shoulders smiling and having fun. 

I'm going to keep reminding myself to play out the best case scenarios in my mind too. Because they can and do come true.


  1. I, too, go to the worst case scenario - and try to prepare for disaster - but then, knowing I have that response in my back pocket, I keep going. You are such a good mother to prepare for the worst embrace this scaring step into the future. And she is having a wonderful time and she has learned that just because something is scary at the start doesn't mean it is bad. Good for you and great for Sis!

  2. Change is difficult and best not to worry about it because it's going to happen no matter what throughout your life. Best to have a plan if the change isn’t working so you can adjust/change it to the something better. That's my 2 cents on change, and I know its advice you didn't ask for, sorry :-) ...Love you!!! XOXOXOXO



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