Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kid Update

The school year is nicely underway and the kids are settled into the routine. 

George is in 2nd grade this year. He continues to LOVE reading. He often tunes out everything around him while immersed in a book. He brings a book everywhere we go too. That's a good thing! George is playing soccer. His team has not won any games but it doesn't seem to bother the kids...which is maybe why they don't win any games. Ha! Oh well, at least they are getting out there and running around having fun. 

Sis is off to a great start this year for 3rd grade. I'd say this year has been the smoothest so far. She tends to worry and doesn't like new routines or settings which makes a new school year hard. But, she is impressing me with how quickly she settled in. This is the first year she has a best friend in class that is a girl! Of course she still has loads of boys for friends too. She's still loving her soccer team girls too. The team is undefeated so far! 

Moses is loving 5th grade. He is serving as a patrol at school. Of course he does a great job. Seriously this kid always has his homework done and is always ready for whatever comes next. He is rocking it on the soccer field. He scored five goals in one game recently. 

Mr. P has had a few bumps in the road with his broken elbow. He's had weekly appointments to X-ray the arm which has caused him to miss school and try to make up missed work. He also can't participate in PE or band so part of his day at school is kinda boring. Soon it will be over though. Hoping the cast comes off this week. He attended the basketball tryouts last week. He really isn't suppose to be playing ball but before I knew it he ran out on the court and went full court press. Yikes! I didn't want to be that mom by yanking him of the court. He gave his all on night one of tryouts but the second night the head coach asked him to sit and watch. In the end he didn't hurt himself....good....AND he made the team! So yeah! 

Tuba is loving being back at school. He is working at a local thrift store to try out skills of organizing racks and cleaning. Every day of the week he wakes up and asks if it's a school day. 
And....he LOVES going to all the kids' soccer practices and games...rain or shine! 

The photos were a day at the park near the end of summer. I'm struck by how fleeting these days are when everyone wants to come along and hang out together and play in a park. Cherishing them.



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