Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I cannot stand perfume (stinkfume)...or cologne...or any scented thing for that matter. I do not like dryer sheets, or scented candles, or air freshener. 

When I was an early teen I liked perfume but I noticed even back then that strong scents made me feel sick. I would get a headache and even feel woozy. 

I wore perfume until I was in my early twenties. I became more sensitive to fragrance and eventually couldn't wear it any more without feeling sick. 

That was 20 years ago and It's only gotten worse. Much worse! I get physically ill from lots of scents or fragrances....artificial scents that is.

My 13 year old wants to wear cologne but I can't let him. He's not happy and suggests that he can just wear it at school. Ummm...no. 

He was at a friends house this summer and his friend sprayed him with Fabreze just to joke around. When he got home I could instantly smell him and asked what the smell was. Within about 10 minutes I began feeling sick...headache, nausea, generally woozy. I had to change his clothes and put the stinky ones in the wash. Nope, not good enough. He had to shower the smell off of him. It took about 3-4 hours for me to feel well again. 

I have had several instances like this. I've been hugged by people wearing perfume/cologne and I have to change my clothes and shower. I cannot go to the mall. Wow, it reeks like perfume in the whole place! That candle store is the worst! Stinks so bad. Makes me gag. I've even had kids in classrooms wearing perfume to school that made me feel so awful. Seriously, why would you spray perfume on your child?! I wish that my kids' school was a strict fragrance free zone. Some of the local schools have taken this step. 

And you know how I love magazines. But, the perfume ads are TERRIBLE! I rip them out and throw them into the trash (the outside can) but then my hands stink even after washing several times. This week I was trying to red O Magazine but the perfume ad smell lingered so strongly that my eyes were red and itchy and I felt sick. By chance I looked it up and you can order a fragrance free magazine. Yeah! I am so thrilled! I'm switching all of my subscriptions. 

I clean with natural cleaners that smell like lemon or grapefruit, burn unscented candles, use fragrance free laundry soap, bathe and shampoo with natural products or scent free, and I love Fabreze UNSCENTED. It's genius...it removes odor and leaves NO smell behind. 

Things I love the smell of...

Newborn babies

Freshly ground coffee

Bread baking


My kids' hair after playing outside

The ocean

Fresh clean sheets...with unscented soap....just the clean smell

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  1. Oh, we are so on the same page. I do like the smell of vanilla and my sister-in-law always bought me a special mix of perfume that smelled like lovely vanilla. But I had to stop a couple decades ago. I have been known to switch grocery store lines and seats in church and....etc. I know you understand. But I would come to your house any time to smell fresh ground coffee and toast!!!



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