Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sad Day

Today was a hard day for George

Well, it started out hard on me too. You see, there was a giant dead rat on the front lawn. Yuck! He laid there all day because Cam was gone and I couldn't muster the bravery to dispose of it. 

After school the kids all saw the rat. George and Sis thought it was really cute. Ummmm...okay. They felt bad for the rat. George got all sad for the rat.

We had to leave for hair cuts right after we got home so the rat had to wait. I was hoping someone or something else would move him.

Then after haircuts we had soccer so again the rat had to stay put. Ugh.

After soccer George was insistent that we bury the rat and have a prayer for him. All the way home he talked about what the rat was doing in heaven. Oh gads...he was ruining my vision of heaven.

Then when we got home we discovered something terrible. Something sad. George's pet fish Tim was dead. He had made his final swim and was now lifeless on the bottom of the bowl.

Tears for George.

And a double funeral ensued. Yes, a funeral for two. With prayers.

Now both Tim and the rat are buried in my front yard. Separately. And the rat isn't buried very deep as it was getting dark outside and I was wearing new shoes. You know...nice shoes and dirt don't mix.

I hope I don't live to regret the shallow grave.

I definitely won't regret taking George's picture while he was crying. I couldn't resist. 


  1. How wonderful that he can feel and express the sense of loss...and I am so glad you had a funeral - that was wonderful! (next time a rat shows up while Cam is gone - call Grampa Keith!) Love you and, actually, I feel very happy that George is able to be touched and death and then lean to move on.

  2. So sad for George! :-( ...how sweet of him to bury and say prayers for both the rat and his pet fish, he is the sweetest boy! Hugs and Kisses for him XOXOXOXO



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