Wednesday, April 19, 2017


See this sweet face?! She really is a sweet girl...mustache and all. She's a tell it like it is kind of girl too. I like that quality. But, sometimes the truth hurts. Yesterday she informed me that my butt cheeks are huge. Yep. Wow. Ouch. She then went on to say that my butt cheeks are jiggly and dimply. Double, Triple ouch. In her defense she was not saying it to be mean. She was just making an observation. 

I took that (accurate) observation and headed straight to Weight Watchers. I need to take off some pounds. Again! Oh how I am annoyed at myself for letting my weight creep up. Again!

So, here I go. Day 1 of get going....lose some lbs....get moving...clean up my eating...exercise regularly. My WW meeting topic today was "All or Nothing". I could really relate. I have an all or nothing process when it comes to food and exercise. If I have an off day and eat more than I should or eat a lot of sugar I tend to mentally throw in the towel. Well, there goes the day I might as well not work out or I might as well eat more junk, etc. 

I recognize that is not a healthy was to think and act. It's how my bad habits spiral...and my weight creeps up. I am going to make a conscious effort to change that thought process. 

I'll be blogging more on my success and challenges. Anyone else working to take some weight off or beginning a new workout routine? 


  1. Your post made me LOL but I'm sure if Sis saw me naked she'd go into shock we'll avoid that EVER happening.

    Good luck with WW

    Love you!

  2. My youngest granddaughter (who shall remain unnamed) likes to grab and jiggle my wrinkles and saggy neck skin. LOVES to play with it and says "Gramma, your skin is soon funny". And, since I don't believe in plastic surgery for a 73 year old female) it shall only get more and more wrinkly and saggy. Sigh. Double sign. And your husband took me aside to check the whites of my eyes because they were "looking yellow, Mom. Maybe you should check it out." Except they are the same color as always and I'd just had my eyes checked. The optometrists said they are looking great "for a woman your age"....Arghhh. Love you, sweet DIL, and I think you always, always look beautiful.



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