Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kid Catch Up George

Since I haven't blogged regularly for so long I'll do a kid catch up. Starting with the baby George. He's no baby...that's for sure. He's WAY bigger than his sis and almost as big as Moses.
He is developing his political views...and they are strong. The picture is of a ripped up newspaper article about Trump....or Mr. Rump as George would prefer.

George is working towards his black belt in TKD. He is about half way there. His enthusiasm comes and goes but we are encouraging forcing him to finish since we spent a ton of cash on his sparring gear and black belt club. Once he is at class he likes it but getting him going is hard. 

George and Sis have always been great friends....my almost twins. But, this year George has moved towards wanting to do more with the big boys. He loves to be included with his brothers and dad. He plays more with neighborhood boys than his sis too. He likes to ride bikes, play swords or nerf guns or legos. 

George is an amazing reader. Ya gotta love a book worm. 

He has a zany side to him and has been exploring his sense of humor. He likes to read joke books and try them out on us. 

And he's tender hearted. He doesn't like it when kids are sad or are in trouble. He thinks about social justice a lot.

This pic is my beloved Uncle Larry. All my kids adore him. We recently got to have dinner with him. Such a joy. 

And he's serious too. He loves to hear Cam talk about the military. He reads a lot about it too. He had Cam teach him how properly salute.

The kids and I were at a basketball tournament near where Cam's dad is buried. I took the kids to see the grave. George was very serious....it was a military cemetery. 

I like to ask the kids periodically what they want to be when they grow up. George wants to be a nurse practitioner. Great choice! 


  1. Yes, your "baby" is growing up...he will be a fine man in no time at all!

  2. Baby George is amazing! Love watching him grow and you're correct, 'who doesn't like a book worm'!



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