Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sissy's 9th Birthday

Sis was LUCKY! She got to celebrate her birthday while we were at the beach just after Christmas. She loved it...and now says that we have to go every year for her birthday. 

9....NINE!! This sweet little baby girl is getting so big. She loves American Girl Dolls and spends most of her time playing with them...doing their hair...dressing them.

Since we were away from home Sis got to go pick out a cake. She picked an ice cream cake. Yummy! for dinner she requested a nacho bar. Lots of toppings to choose from and so delicious. 

She got lots of new AG doll things. Very fun! 

After her birthday at the ocean we planned a bowling party for her friends to attend. Bowling, pizza, cake and disco music with lights. Woot! 

She invited boys and girls. At first she wanted to have an AG party but I told her most of the boys probably wouldn't want to come to a doll party. So she decide on bowling and everyone had a fun time. 

More cake...actually cupcakes. 

Happy birthday to my sweet tender hearted girl. You are a good friend and have such a heart for anyone that is sad or in need of a friend. Your social conscience is very strong. You ask many questions about homeless people. You think about them and want better for those you see struggling in our city. You often ask if we can give them something to eat and drink. I love that about you. 

You loved playing soccer...both outdoor and indoor this year. You are the fastest girl out there. By far. You haven't even reached your full potential for speed yet. Look out! You still cartwheel through the house...and wiggle and dance. You also sing LOUDLY all day long. This annoys your brothers but you do have a great voice.

You have a wonderful sense of humor and you like to laugh...especially funny is potty humor. Oh grief. You have a great time playing with your brother George. The two of you love to build lego and forts and play outside together. 

And like I said, you LOVE AG dolls. It's really fun for me too. 

You are a beauty, inside and out by baby girl. I love you and cherish you. XO


  1. What a beautiful Granddaughter we have! Can't believe she's nine already. We loved spending Sis's birthday with her, and it was great fun watching her and her cousin playing with the AG dolls.

  2. She does have a tender heart - I remember when she and her brother and I went to the Disney ice-capades in Everett and she saw her Uncle L...she was far more ezcited to see him and greet him than she was to watch the ice show. She is so loving we are lucky to have her with us in our family!!



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