Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Writer's Block

I've been absent from my blog. I've tried to write here and there but mostly I've just posted pics of our family and tried to keep up with major holidays.

I'd like to write more. But, I'm blocked. I like it when I can just say what is in my mind. I call it "off the cuff" writing. I don't plan it and it's fun to just start and see where it takes me.

Part of the reason is that I've added work to my life. That creates less time for writing. That's not the whole of it though. Really what it comes down to is this year's presidential election. The results hit me like a sledgehammer in the gut. I literally couldn't breathe. In time I could take small breaths and leave the house without sobbing. But I couldn't write. I couldn't say anything because I couldn't say EVERYTHING!!

I have always had friends/family that didn't vote the same way I do. It never bothered me too much. This year was different. This year I couldn't reconcile that people I knew...and loved would vote for such a person. I still can't.

This has caused me deep grief. And anger. And turmoil. And caused me to pull back and inside of myself.

I miss writing so I thought that maybe if I just wrote about why I'm blocked I could begin again.

Now...some beautiful peaceful photos I took on a nature walk.

Part of getting my mojo back has been to spend time outside in nature. 

There is beauty in the world.


  1. Lovely fungi (Uncle Jamie would be able to label each one) to show that everywhere there is beauty - in the most unexpected places: damp, moist, leaves, bark, moldering vegetation and then...wrinkled loveliness. I miss the beauty of the tree blossoms - spring blossoms haven't quite arrived in Upper New York - but the crocus in poking through ad also wild violets are everywhere. As for this new election: so many of my friends are struggling like you are. And many are stepping into volunteer mode while others are trying to find the strength to carry on in an ethical, loving fashion. I remember so far back - the period of three assassinations (Kennedy, King and Kennedy) and the time of unnecessary war and the time of parents loathing their offspring and vice versa and yet, we made it through that. We had criminal Veeps (Reagan era) and criminal elected officials and somehow we kept bouncing back. I truly believe we can make it through this, too. But the secret lies in truth-telling...we need our media to be truthful and our politicians (local and national) to be truthful and we need to tell that truth, also. Love and hugs and understanding to you and all that you do every hour of every day.

  2. Beautiful photos! Sorry you're struggling with the election, I don't know anybody that was happy with the outcome. Truly wish we'd had better candidates to choose from, and I’m with Sue …I really want the News Media and Politicians to start telling the truth and not just brainwash us with what they want us to believe.



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