Sunday, June 10, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged by a friend's blog(check out her wonderful family at . I have been challenged to come up with 8 random things about myself. So here it goes:
1. I love to clean and organize. When I was a little girl and I would be playing at a friend's house, I would say, "C'mon lets clean your room, lets clean out your closet". I love to go into a messy office or see a disaster of a closet. My mind starts to plan and I "itch"to get my hands on the disorder. More than once my kids have had to really get in my face while I'm madly organizing, "MOM, we are hungry!". Oops, I guess I do have to stop and feed the kids:)
2. I am super anal (only I can use this word about myself) about the calendar! Please do not change dates on me after it's on the calendar in INK! Don't make me get out the white-out!
3. I LOVE disco, yes I said disco. It is the happiest, most fun music and it makes me want to smile and dance.
4. Although I'm very girly, girly, love pink, makeup and clothes. I am the "tool-time" mom of the house. I owned all the power tools coming into my marriage and I love to do home-repairs. I like the challenge (and money saved) from fixing it myself. Plus, I'm way too impatient to wait for the repairman to come next week!
5. I can be outrageously silly. I save most of this for my husband who swears he will videotape me and show it at church, to my mom, or any other threat he can come up with. PS-my mom says she already knows!
6. I hate tomatoes! I always have and I'm sure always will. I tried recently to eat one. They look so good but no I still don't like them. Even just the juice or seeds (I'll pick each one out of my food) make my mouth water (not the good kind of watering mouth). I do like them if they are in the form of sauce with spices and blended all up. I love Ketchup. Wasn't it Regan who wanted it to be included as a vegetable for school lunch? I concur!
7. I was extremely shy as a child. I had to attend morning AND afternoon kindergarten in hopes that it would help me become more social. I can remember my palms sweating and fearing that the teacher or another student would look at me or talk to me. In the 3rd grade I became not shy anymore and I've never shut up! Nobody can believe that I was ever shy. I don't ever feel shy anymore. Very occasionally I get nervous. I can speak in front of large groups but if it is a topic close to my heart than I do get a little nervous. When I did the slide-show presentation of my trip to Ethiopia I got very nervous and shaky. I hadn't felt that way in a long time. I've taught classes to large groups and often make announcements to a large group and never felt nervous.
8. My favorite day is spent at the beach with my boys (hubby is one of the boys too). I love to sit with my feet in the warm sand, have a yummy picnic lunch and watch the boys play. On the way home I love to go for a scenic drive, eat candy and chat.
Okay, that is 8 random things about me. I hope you learned something new. I now tag Sonora, Dawn, Leah, Jaime and Miranda to do your 8 random things on your blog! If you play, leave a message in the comment section so we can read your 8 things too.


  1. Too fun! I can totally relate to the starving children milling about once I get into "re-organizing" mode.
    Thanks for playing, it's fun to get to know our virtual friends better!

  2. 8 random things about me:
    How fun, I loved reading those things, and some of them I knew about you, some of them I didn't!
    I am posting 8 things about me on my blog.

  3. I will take your challenge and post 8 random things about me on my blog:) I hate raw tomatoes too!! But aren't they so pretty and in the world can they taste so bad!

  4. You re-organizers... can you come to my house? I will even feed your kids!

  5. Drat, why did I have to go and read your blog? Now I'm tagged? Is this some new thing you young kids are doing in the states? Eight things that are random about me that I can admit on a blog -- hmmm. Could be a challenge. I am glad I looked at your blog because your little one is so adorable. I know what he will look like as an adult because I work with him. I'll have to send you a photo!



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