Friday, June 1, 2007

Me and My Mommy

In yesterday's mail I received this picture of myself with my Mom. My Dad came across some old photos and sent them on to me. What a wonderful and surprising thing to get in the mail. I LOVE getting things in the mail and this really made my day. I got all teary eyed looking at this photo. It reminds me of all the snuggle time I spend with my precious boys. It reminds me how important it is to sit down and spend time holding my kids.


  1. What a sweet photograph and how nice of your Dad to share it. We all have memories of either being held or holding (and the lucky ones have memories of both) that stay with us our whole life. Wonderful to have Mommy and boys come for Gramma Sue and Grampa Keith's wedding anniversary. The boys were so good and we got to do some holding of our own.

  2. That picture looks just like YOU holding Patrick!! That is amazing........and so sweet!! You look just like your mommy.

    Love You!!




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