Saturday, June 23, 2007

Child Proofing Extravaganza!

I have been child proofing the house like crazy. Baby guy is putting us to the test! Most of the house is under "bungee cord" lock down including cabinets with chemicals and the wood stove. I never had to put locks on the cabinets for baby boy #2 and with baby boy #1 we lived in a different house. I'm getting the locks! I also got some more baby gates. I locked off the mudroom, laundry room and sewing room area. Baby guy was having a great time turning the furnace off/on, dialing the phone, taking 20+ pairs of shoes off the rack and "licking" them, YUM! I moved the XBOX and all the kid's DVDs out of reach on the bookcase. I ruined all his fun opening the drive and tossing the disk out amid screams from his brothers. I also taped closed the control box on the front of the TV. He loves to change the channel or mess with the menu option. This week he set a parental control on channel 5, with a password! The other big area that I've rearranged is the office area. I can't block it off (maybe I'll find a big enough gate) but I have moved some of the items. Baby guy was loving to push all the buttons on the phone, especially the speakerphone button (really nice when you're on the phone). I moved the phone out of reach but as you can see from the photo I need to move a few more things. He climbed onto my jewelry case looking for the phone! I've never had a climber in the family, but I do now! If it's quiet in the house I quickly jump up, "where's baby guy?". His older brothers are constantly yelling, "Mom, he's in the......". Good thing I have two helpers!


  1. I know. Is nothing sacred? Apparently not to a 15 month old, huh? ;-) The good news is the house will be battle ready when your next little one comes home!

  2. Oh Becky I feel your pain! Seriously I am chasing Zach down all day long and we try to keep all the doors closed or he is into everything! I think I'll go write my own post about this:) At least you have helpers, I have only the cats!!



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