Thursday, June 21, 2007

On to Middle School!

My baby (my oldest baby) is moving on to middle school. Tonight is his 5th grade "moving up" ceremony. The hubby and I are taking plenty of tissues to dry our eyes with. It is amazing how much he has changed and accomplished in the last 8 years. "Tuba" (great story behind the nickname) started special education preschool at age 3. He spent two years in the preschool program and then on to K-5. The staff at his school have been amazing. Everyone from the teachers, teacher's aides, OT/PT, speech therapy, nurse, secretary, cooks, to the wonderful children have been so kind to our special guy. Tuba has always loved school. Sometimes it was embarrassing when I would pick him up at school and he would cry because he wanted to stay longer. Tuba still crawled about 90% of the time when he started preschool. He's now running so fast that it's hard to "catch" him. Over the years he has learned countless things. His first word other than "mama and papa" was "Baaaaab", which was Barb the speech therapist. He would shout her name from down the hall or when he saw her office. Now Tuba has lots of words. He has amazed all of us. I'll never forget the day his teacher told me, "he counted to 5 today!". Quite frankly I didn't believe her. When we got into the car I said, "did you count to 5?". He replied with, "one, too, fee, fo, fie". I had to pull the car over because I was crying so hard. Now he's counting to 12! Tuba had some tough years battling the seizures. The day the ambulance had to be called from school was a doozy! I think it took about 5 years off of my life (and the staff). Through all of the seizures and meds and surgery Tuba was such a trooper. He just gets back up and continues on. He has a zest for life that is so infectious. I know he will be greatly missed at his elementary school. On to middle school!


  1. Becky,
    Remembering Tuba so small when he started preschool, and seeing all the cute pictures of him makes me cry! WOW! Starting Middle School next year; can’t believe how fast the time has gone. They better have Grandparents Day so I can join him for lunch.

    I'm very proud of Tuba and excited for all the new things he will learn next year. Give him a big hug and kiss for me!

    May GOD bless him all the days of his life
    Love, Nana

  2. There are tears of joy and tears of sadness. Thank you for balancing them for us. I feel so sad that your friend and helper in Ethiopia (Danny) won't be there to help Cam and I when we go there next spring. I feel so joyful that our little Tuba will be moving onto middle school tonight. I can hardly wait to see what next year brings him and yes, his zest for life has been a blessing to us all.

  3. Way to go, Tuba!! Congratulations. We love you tons and tons.

  4. So our special boy is moving on! I am so proud of him and Mom and Dad. Love to all-



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