Friday, September 14, 2007

Help...I can't decide!

I once asked my husband, "If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?". Without a bit of hesitation he said, "Your inability to make a decision". I took no offense to this because I know it's true. I wish it were easier to make a decision. It's not that I can't decide, it's that I feel I have to make the "perfect" decision. Choice to me is somewhat overwhelming. I really think there should be about 3 choices in any category...well maybe a bit more but most of the time 3 sounds good. There is no worse place for me than at the paint store, standing in front of a zillion color swatches!!! It makes me get all sweaty and sick to my stomach. Too many choices! There really isn't any rhyme or reason to my indecision. Some things are no problems. Some of the big problem decisions for me are major purchases like furniture. I've been out shopping for new living room furniture. Some would think this is fun....not me. I came home with swatches and have been looking at them with my paint colors, carpet, etc. Last night I called my mom to "bend" her ear about my choices.....sofa and love seat or sofa and chair or two chairs?....color? all the same or each different?. Yes, too many choices for me. My mom laughed and said, "What? Aren't you going to visit every furniture store in the state before you decide?" She is referring to the 12 plus months I spent searching for the "perfect" china hutch. I did find the perfect one!
I guess I've progressed since then...or maybe I have too many kiddos to do that much shopping! I about drove my husband to the edge of insanity last year when I couldn't decide on the "right" shoes to take to Ethiopia. They had to be practical, weather proof, comfy and yet stylish. It was a really hard decision (yes it was C!). I'm always happy with my decision...when I finally make it. By that time I've analyzed (which means talking incessantly about it, showing the choices to friends and family, and obsessing some more) every detail of it so it is the "perfect" choice:) I'll be deciding soon on the furniture. I'm going out looking again on Sun. Wish me luck (luck translates to finding the perfect thing fast).
As you can see from the couches we currently own that I couldn't really go wrong no matter what I get....Yikes....good bye to "Spring Vomit" (my loving nickname for our couches that came with our house).

Oh, and here's baby guy while I was obsessing about my swatches in the other room!


  1. Uhhhmm, looking at baby guy, I'd say one decision should be easy... STAIN RESISTANT fabric!

    He is too cute!

  2. Becky,
    I'm just happy to see someone else whose toddler looks like mine does every time I take my eyes off of him!


  3. Okay...enough of this obsessing!!! I can't believe you were brave enough to post your current, and oh so lovely, couch on your blog! Like you so aptly stated - YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!! And yes, I'm yelling - friendly yelling, but yelling. I stick with my advice of the tomato and dark colors with a coordinating print combo. Whatever you decide, do it soon, because, honey, you need SERENITY NOW!!!!



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