Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wild at Heart Family takes to the road

It was a beautiful sunny Fall day today. We had a great time outside with the kids and their bikes. Mr. 4 yr. old got a new bike today and passed his "Pooh" bike down to baby guy. Tuba has this great special needs trike for about 7 years. I think we can squeeze out another year and then he will have to get a bigger version.


  1. Aren't they precious? That looks like so much fun!

    Auntie Sara

  2. Bikes are so wonderful. Freedom and exhilaration. I remember telling my kids, you can ride anywhere you want but you can't cross the street! One neighbor fixed the squeeky sound made with every push of the peddle. I was so upset...I didn't know where my kiddo was on the block anymore because I couldn't hear the squeak!



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