Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

We had a fun and busy Halloween. We went to Nana's work to visit, went to Grandma Sue's to visit and then went to the Godparent's house for a party. What a fun day!
Visiting Nana's work

Tuba the Good Witch...he spent the night passing out candy...loves to pass out candy!

Mr. P....I mean...Anakin Skywalker.

Sis is a little cheerleader...girl costumes are SO much fun:)

Busy Guy was supposed to go as Spiderman but I found this ladybug costume in our Halloween box and begged him to wear it. He was so nice and agreed to wear it for his Mama. My heart just melts...I've never seen anything cuter! Tuba wore this costume when he was a wee one too. Cam calls it the Manbug costume since no little boy should be a Ladybug!
Baby George was a skunk. I love this costume too...he's my third baby to wear it.

My MIL...she's so fun.

I was spider lady with a big tarantula on my head....and Cam was an 80's rocker! What a hoot...that is the worst hairdo I've ever seen!


  1. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at your mother in law. Too funny!!!!
    Ugh, I just want to squeeze your little skunk!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have a beautiful family :)

  2. Ericka,
    I need to be added so I can still look at your blog. My email is

  3. Your beautiful, your kids are adorable, your MIL is cute, your husband is.ahh.well....err.ah cute too.I suppose
    Uncle Bert



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