Friday, November 7, 2008

My Girl

Lydia is....."Soooo Big"! She is learning all kinds of fun tricks. She claps, waves and loves to show how big she is. She loves to sing songs and will rock back and forth to request Row, Row, Row Your Boat....also loves to sing Patty Cake. She was laughing hysterically tonight as she would stand for a few seconds on her own and then plop onto her hiney and crack up. She and Tuba have loads of fun playing. They crawl and chase each other around. My favorite thing she is doing...she wraps her little warm hands around my neck and lays her head down and snuggles into me kisses and hangs onto my hair. Melt my heart! Also, her hair is getting long enough for clips....whoohoo! I've had such a fun time doing her hair each morning. Now...if I could just get her to leave the clip in her hair:)

1 comment:

  1. she is a doll! how fun you can start sticking clips in..girls are so fun to dress:) it's amazing how quickly time flies and they move from baby to toddler, hey?



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