Friday, February 27, 2009

Outside Workout

I decided that I'm not getting to the gym enough so I thought I'd do some exercise here at home. I went outside to do some calisthenics...mostly old routine from physical therapy. I bundled the kids up and took them out to play while I got some exercise. It went pretty well....sort of.
Tuba spent the time in hysterical laughter watching me and trying to copy me. Mr. P spent the whole time asking me questions in rapid fire and trying to lift my weights. Busy Guy and Sis were actually playing...which is why they were out with me. They did keep running or riding into my path. Baby George was perfect...well perfectly stuck in one spot! The kids handed him toys...that part was helpful.
I did my routine thinking...WOW, this is KILLING, I'm REALLY in bad shape. I was pooped and wondering how sore I'd be the next day.
HOLY MACKEREL...I underestimated...I was more sore than I've ever been! We live in a tri-level house and I have to go up and down stairs all day long. UGH..big problem when you can't even walk! It took 3 days to feel normal again.
I'll head back out to do more lunges...maybe half the amount this time...and then work my way up. Also, I discovered that on my cable package is a workout channel. I'm going to do the yoga today. Maybe that will help me limber up a bit?

Happily playing...Sis was moving too fast. All her photos were blurred:)
Post workout snack...for least it kept them out of the way while I stretched.


  1. That's hilarious! Don't know if you have sun over there, but the sun here does make me want to get outside - it's beautiful even if cold!

  2. Becky,
    You and I are in the same place. The kids constantly make fun of my 'butt' exercises now. Even dad has chimed in :)

  3. There was a year when the youngest two were in Middle school/high school when I got up every morning to do the stupid TV workouts. My adrenlin level was high only because I LOATHED the chirpy little twerp woman who was urging her "class" to kick higher-higher and sqaut deeper-deeper when she didn't even pant. I finally went back to walking-running. I admire that you, with little ones, are working on keeping healthy. That's was the point is...keeping healthy and fit!



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