Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Check-Up for Tuba

Tuba on the first day of school....8th grade!

I took Tuba yesterday to see his Neurologist. It was a good check-up. The doctor was thrilled that his seizures have subsided and we are only seeing about 1 a week. Much improved! We had a lovely time in the car...just the two of us:) We got to hold hands and chew gum and listen to the radio. My awesome MIL (SuperMIL) came to save the day and watched the other kids. She sang/danced/marched/and read her way through 4 hours...and now has a sore shoulder. The hazards of the job!

We have gotten our travel dates and itinerary from Make A Wish and we are getting EXCITED!!! We are going to Maui for 5 days of POOL time!!!!!! It's hard to talk to Tuba about it since he thinks it's going to happen right now. He goes around asking, "Pool, pool?". Yeah buddy, only about 100 more days:)
This just cracked me up. Of course brother and sister had to get in on the photo too:)


  1. I had wonderful fun with the kidlets and they were very, very well behaved. Maybe the follow-the-leader marching and dancing helped! Or maybe it's because they have parents who expect good behavior...so they know what "good behavior" means. Even if (at church) sometimes it's too hard to for little bodies to follow through on. Thank you for sharing your day with me.

  2. Looking so cute you are so lucky but we need more pictures of cam and you also more data. Kids are looking good Aunty Chris really just seeing if this will work this time



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