Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birthday Bliss

My BIG day! I turned 39 yesterday! Only one more year of the 30's!!! It was just yesterday that I entered the 30's. Wow, it's gone so fast.

I had a really fun's 39 things I did yesterday.

1. Slept in!
2. Had tea
3. Went out to breakfast with the family
4. Took a drive and enjoyed the water view.
5. Opened presents
6. Received tons of wonderful birthday wishes.
7. Read the newspaper in peace:)
8. Took a shower without anyone needing me.
9. Spent 1 hour home alone!!!!!!!! This hasn't happened in over a year...or two:)
10. Blew dried my hair, flat ironed it, put on makeup and got dressed in my hour to myself.
11. Went to the salon.
12. Got a manicure.
13. Got a pedicure....oh, yes!
14. Went to the grocery store.
15. Made dinner.
16. Ate steak...
17. ...Caesar salad...
18. ...sourdough bread and butter...
19. ...and baked potato with the works.
20. Had happy birthday sung to the most angelic choir of kids.
21. Gathered the kids for a birthday picture with my cake.
22. Wrangled kids fingers away from MY cake.
23. Cut and passed out cake.
24. Shared cake with two toddlers.
25. Ate my own piece of cake.
26. Ate Tuba's piece of cake.
27. Felt sick and regretted that third piece of cake:(
28. Got kids ready for bed.
29. Watched the Shrek Christmas show with the big boys.
30. Read books to the big boys.
31. Said prayers as a family.
32. Put on snuggy pj's.
33. Washed my face.
34. Put my hair in a ponytail.
35. Brushed my teeth.
36. Picked up the house.
37. Licked some frosting off a plate...why?
38. Watched a movie with Cam! I NEVER get to pick the movie...but it was my special day.
39. Went to sleep at 9:00!!!
Happy Birthday to ME:)

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...39 times.



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