Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brotherly Love

The thing that stresses Cam and I out more than anything in life is thinking about what will happen to Tuba when we are gone. It's so painful and scary to think about that usually we cannot discuss it for long. We do have a plan though. We hope and pray that Tuba's brothers and sister will take care of him. We know that this starts with how they treat him and each other here in our home. I was so touched the other day by something my boys said. I know for all the worrying Cam and I do it isn't necessary.

I was talking with Mr. P and Busy Guy about when they grow up and go to college. I was teasing them and telling them that I would miss them so much and I would come visit them and ask them things like, "are you taking enough baths, eating veggies, doing your homework, going to bed on time, dating nice girls, etc." They were giggling and reassuring me. I suddenly had the thought that Tuba will be here at home with Cam and I. I told the boys that Tuba will miss them so much while they are gone to college and when they move out. Mr. P got a very serious face and announced that when he comes home on break he will take Tuba to the beach. Oh! My heart just filled with joy. Busy Guy chimed in with an offer to take Tuba to the toy store:) So precious these boys. They know what Tuba loves. They will of course take care of their brother. I am so blessed. Thank you God for these beautiful children and their love for each other.


  1. Oh, Becky, thanks for sharing that. Your boys are so loving to each other, I love watching them at church! (Plus they make each other giggle, which is pretty cute too!)

  2. Yes, thank you so very, very much for sharing this.

  3. oh becky, so precious. that is something i've thought about even as we look into the future and consider different scenarios for our family. Family is everything, isn't it, and you are raising your kids to 'circle the wagons'. I lvoe that you shared this post. What a blessing to see the hearts of your children.



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