Friday, December 4, 2009


None of these clothes will be coming with us:)

Hawaii is near!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!! In case you haven't heard...Make A Wish Foundation granted Tuba a wish and he chose Hawaii!!!!!!!!!! So soon we are off to learn the hula.

But, right now I'm in the midst of figuring out what to pack...who needs shorts, suits, sandals, hats, etc. Yikes, packing for 7 people (yes, 7, no, I'm not letting Cam pack himself;) is really daunting. Yesterday we tried on sandals and suits to see what fits and what I need to order. I've ordered a few things online...okay, really more like 100 things and we'll try it on as it comes to our door:) Luckily it's cold outside so I can pack all these warm weather outfits early.

On top of Hawaii planning we are getting in the Christmas spirit too. Because of our trip (and the toddlers X 2) we have opted to not get a big tree and instead put out a tiny one on our end table. The only other decorations we put out is a beautiful new Advent calendar. I'll post pics fun and cute. So, for those who know me well....this is a great Christmas for me:) Less to do and less to clean up.....Yeah!!!! More time to enjoy the people and the season.


  1. SO excited for you!!!! You haven't read my blog recently have you? Pipo is being granted a wish as well... They are calling this week to set up an appointment to send their "wishmakers' out her to talk to Pipo. He is fairly overwhelmed. We've talked about it a bit, and thrown some ideas around, but he really doesn't know what he wants.

    I am excited for you guys!

  2. Hey's Jenny Schroedel. I live in Hawaii! Where will you be and when are you coming?



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