Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Visit

We have had a super busy week. Imagine getting ready for Christmas, having your house on the market, getting ready to go on our big trip, AND...all the dental appointments, doctor appointments, hair cuts, etc. that I couldn't get done before Cam's quarter ended. It was a busy week!!!

There are a few holiday things that I insist we do each year. One of them is a visit to Santa to get the kids' photos taken. Every year I put all the photos out in chronological order. I love to look at them! Cam...thinks it's very much fun to get 5 kids all fixed up in matching fancy clothes and then stand in line for what could be a VERY long time:) But, each year I'm so glad we did it.
Tuba LOVES Santa! My favorite photo of him with Santa is the year that he kept smelling Santa's beard and then looking at him nose to nose. It's the cutest photo. This year Tuba went right up and cuddled Santa...of course.

This is the photo I not the official one from the photographer. Nobody cried! Amazing! I think handing the little ones a candy cane right away helped a bunch;) Plus, they sat on chairs at Santa's feet. They didn't have to see that big scary guy.

Next we went out for a holiday meal...and balloons...hmmmm....I like balloons about as much as I like bubbles:) If you've been a reader of my blog for long you'll know what I mean! Just picture our mini van...and I stress the word MINI...with 5 kids, 5 balloons and 2 very annoyed parents...NOT pretty. Cam was planning the popping of those evil kid loving things the second the kids were in bed:)
On the way back through the mall we put some money in the Salvation Army can. The bell ringer let Busy Guy shake the bells. It was a hoot. He launched into a full throttle Beyonce booty shake! I wish I had it on video. He is a crack up!

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  1. Too funny... we have an anti-balloon rule in our house. The kids learn early to say no than you. I figure they always end in tears, by either popping or flying away.

    That first picture of Tuba with Santa is priceless :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great trip! We are sending in our paperwork tomorrow, and should have Pipo's wish grantors come visit soon!



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