Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! It's my favorite holiday:) It's all love and affection and I get to spend time with my sweethearts! We always have a Valentine Dinner to celebrate as a family. This year Cam is working on Feb. 14th so we celebrated on Fri. night.Nana sent these delicious cupcakes to us in the mail! No joke...the federal express man brought them in a big cooler. They were vanilla bean, chocolate-chocolate and red velvet. Super good!!!

Cam took the 4 youngest kids to Costco while I finished up our taxes and then set the table for our big dinner. It was so fun to see the kids' faces as they came in and looked at the table! And...they surprised me with roses! The boys were so proud of their gift for me. Precious boys!

In case you were worried that I was feeding my family cupcakes and candy for is what we ate. It was very counteract the desserts. We had lemon pepper grilled fish, whole wheat pesto pasta and broccoli. Yum!We added a new tradition to our dinner this year. We decided to eat in our pj's. Next year I'm going to get everyone Valentine pj's for a treat.
At Costco Cam and the boys bought Tuba his favorite logs. Mr. P announced that after dinner he wanted us to sit in front of the fire and talk! How cute is that? He will make a GREAT husband some day. I got lots of snuggle time with the babies while enjoying the fire.

Cam and I bought the kids more track for their Thomas Train set. With 5 kids driving the trains they were in need of more track. They built a huge track and played until bedtime. Cam and I exchanged gifts the night before our special dinner. We were both too excited to wait!!! At Christmas we didn't exchange gifts with each other so I think that we were really looking forward to this. Cam bought me my favorite...See's Candy...dark chocolate covered almonds and a little something from the lingerie department. I was SO excited for him to open his gift. I bought him his favorite soaps from Body Shop AND....AND...AND...a gift certificate to a local lodge and spa!!!! We went there 3 years ago and have been looking forward to going back. I already have it booked. Since having kids we have only gone away once over night. We are really looking forward to getting a massage, having a romantic dinner and then a romantic breakfast the next morning....ALL ALONE!!! Whooooo-hoooooo!


  1. A Valentine's Day PJ party sounds just perfect!LOL when I think of all seven of you in matching PJ designs. (notice the updated Gramma lingo - LOL? keeping up with the grandkidlets keeps U young.)

  2. Sounds like an absolutely perfect valentines day!

  3. The cup cakes look wonderful! I'll have to send myself some next year too! Your day and dinner look perfect.



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