Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Are The World 25

25 years ago We Are The World raised money for Africa. Today the new version is out to raise money for Haiti. I sat with the kids on my lap and around me at the computer screen to watch the video. I was moved to tears. Beautiful! The kids loved it too...especially Busy Guy. He's my big music kid. He watches and listens and then belts out the lyrics after hearing it once or twice. He loved the rap in this new version. The kids all watched the children of Haiti. They were transfixed by the footage. I was a blubbery mess of tears. The great thing is my kids knew why I was crying. The were asking so many questions about the Haitians in the video. Let's not forget about Haiti! If you haven't donated funds....donate now. If you have donated but can afford to do more...do more. God please help those in Haiti. The kids add this at the end of our prayers each night. Yes...Amen.

Watching the old version brings back so many great memories for me. I would have been 14 years old back then. My friends and I knew EVERY word to the song and knew each artist's part. We could belt it out with the various artist's special touches. This song gave me a passion for Africa. It added to my passion for the poor and needy. Look where that passion has taken me. I have an even larger passion for Africa today. I have two beautiful children in part from this passion that began early in my life.

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