Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Heart

Today when I went to pick up Mr. P at school I asked one of my friends to walk Mr. P to our car since two of the kids were sleeping. She brought Mr. P up to the car and told me that Mr. P's teacher wanted me to hear something about Mr. P.

So, this is what was passed on to me. The class was having their photos taken by the teacher. Each child could choose their "special" friend to be in the photo with them. Mr. P was in the 3rd group of kids to have a turn. When it was his turn he requested to have his photo with a boy I'll call E. This boy E, is the sweetest little boy. At the beginning of the school year he barely spoke a word of English. He is also extremely shy. He is kind and friendly but very quiet and reserved. Mr. P has lots of friends in his class..boys and girls. He has two or three that he considers his best friends. But when it came time to have his photo he didn't request any of these kids. He chose E. It brought tears to my eyes. In the car I asked Mr. P about his day and about the photos. He told me he chose E because he was afraid that nobody would choose him. I am so impressed to have such a kind and sensitive boy. He thought about the feelings of this other boy and used his choice to make him feel special. I couldn't be prouder. I told Mr. P how proud I am. I told him that what he did honors Jesus. This is exactly the way God wants us to treat each other. My mommy heart is so happy.


  1. I am delighted and touched by this example of kindness and sensitivity. It is exactly the sentivity you showed last night when bringing the family over to see our friends. (After the babies had been put to bed!) And it is exactly the kind of thing my son shows in his work. You are good parents and good people and not only your children benefit from your examples of everyday thoughtfulness.



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