Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poopy Poop

Soap Box announcement:
I'm wondering if more people own dogs now than when I was a kid...or if people just don't clean up after their dogs anymore??? Seriously, I went for a walk, a power walk, a 3 mile walk, on the sidewalks of my town, and spent most of my energy dodging doggy poop land mines on the sidewalk. Ewwwww....Yuck. I hate dog-doo! I know, who likes it? But, I really, really hate it...especially when it's out and about where people walk! Dog owners of the world (particularly the ones in MY city)...Get a scooper and clean up after your dog! Sicko!

1 comment:

  1. Also, if you do have a dog and scoop the poop, don't just plop it into any old MY condo's dumpster. Sometimes putting the garbage in the trash is clearly hazardous to one's health...what with all the "neighbors" who use our trash...instead of their own. I don't mind my condo neighbors. I'm talking about the dog walkers from elsewhere.



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