Tuesday, June 22, 2010

School Is OUT

Summer is here. Today was the last day of school for the kids. Yeah!

Poor Mr. P is sick and missed the last two days of school. He has big swollen glands and sore throat, fever, and basic yuck. Mr. P is counting the days until he can return to school and go the WHOLE day...and have lunch at school, and have more recess, and more PE! He loves school. He is ready for 1st grade.

Tuba is now officially on to high school. I am so nervous and can't believe he is that old already. He had the BEST teachers in the world at the middle school...and grade school too so the bar is set pretty high. He will be missing school over the summer.

Busy Guy is so sad that his pre-school year ended two weeks ago. He is already missing school and really misses Mr. P. Now, they can both be home and PLAY!

The toddlers are thrilled when the sun is out and can run and play outside...well, they love it when it's rainy too but I'm a mean mom and won't let them play in the mud. ;)

Being the crazy anal planner that I am...I'm already trying to figure out the schedule for the Fall. Yes, I'm nuts and probably need meds...seriously. I'm trying to just relax and plan instead a bunch of fun things for summer. We are going to be missing Cam and trying to fill the days with fun. Tomorrow I've promised to scrub out the pool and let the kids play in it. A few more things we have planned....beach days, swimming lessons, park days, play dates, birthdays-4 of them, library days, backyard fun, outside lunch (my favorite...no clean-up), bike riding, pool/sprinkler fun, making jam, Children's museum, picnics, zoo, nature walks, 4th of July fun, and every Fri. (which is the only day Cam will be home) we are going to do something fun together. Ahhhhh....summer! What's your favorite thing to do in summer?

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  1. Hiking and camping ...want me to plan a trip for all of us? :-)



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