Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Back....

....from our big vacation trip! It's been hard to get started writing about it...cause it's just SO big and I have too many photos and too much to say. AHHHH! But, here goes. Since I'm so anal the only way I can tell you about our vacation is to do it in order....bit by bit. If this feels like you are getting ready to sit down and watch a slide show of someones vacation and you are thinking....PAINFUL, BORING, YIKES.....I promise to make it fun.

Here goes. We were gone 10 days which really felt more like 30 days. I'm not sure if that is good or bad? Hmmmm. Anyway, we started our trip with the 7 of us boarding a plane for Disneyland. Let me say that Cam HATES to fly, gets a prescription from his Dr. for Valium, and is HORRIBLE to fly with (sorry honey, I love you but it's all true). So, I flew with 6 kids. This is a daunting task to pack, haul and maneuver through security and onto a plane. I rock! Seriously, I do!! You try taking off 7 pairs of shoes, coats and what-not and putting it up on the conveyor with backpacks and carry-ons and a stroller all folder up.....all while other travelers stare, shake heads and smile (the ones not behind us). Really it went so well I was amazed. I should have timed myself...then I'd have a record to beat. :)

The flight was perfect!! The kids were so good, the flight was the husband was good (except for the drooling). We landed, got our gear, took the shuttle and headed to our hotel. By 2:00 pm we were headed into Disneyland.

The weather was nice...but HOT. It was 91 degrees. Much hotter than we are used to but not totally unbearable. I was sure it would cool off in the coming days. How wrong I was...but that's a post for later. We brought a ton of water and drank it up fast. The kids were excited to see it all and we headed for the rides. Sis had been singing It's a Small World for weeks so that was our first ride. We all love it. Yes, I'm serious! It's so happy and fun and we all sing along. The day went by quick and we headed back to the hotel to sleep about 8:00.

Baby George started complaining about his ear hurting. Uh-oh! Now, if you haven't heard me say this before....our family has a bad habit of visiting emergency rooms on all vacations! After giving him Motrin and waiting a bit to see if it would go away. No, it just got worse and turned into a screaming crying boy yelling, OWIE MY EAR. Cam took him by taxi cab to the nearest hospital. About 2 hours later in the middle of the night in comes my boys. BG was HYPER to say the least. They had given him Tylenol with codeine and it made him super wired....note to self: do NOT ever give BG that medicine again. BG burst into the hotel room with, "HIIIIIII MAAAAAMA!!!!!". I was glad he felt better though. The Dr. said his ear was really bad. So glad to have my hero hubby! Not only did he take BG to the hospital but he had to walk in the dark a few blocks (in a not very good neighborhood) to get the prescription. Yeah for Cam!!

By morning BG was feeling much better. More to tell and more to come.....

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  1. Marriage can be such a joining of opposites - and that makes for success...and excellent stories...and satisfaction at solving the unsolvable problems. I understand the "scary walk" part but I can only imagine the "flying with family." Thank you for sharing the whole story of your loved for each other.



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