Friday, October 15, 2010


After the Grand Canyon we went on to Flagstaff. Cam's sister lives there and we were arriving for her much anticipated wedding (lots of pics to come). We were thrilled to get to Flagstaff and begin the leisurely part of our vacation. Lots of time to poke around, swim in the pool and visit people.
When I went to Ethiopia to bring home Busy Guy I met a great family who were also bringing home a baby boy. Well, they also live in Flagstaff! We've been waiting for years to see each other again. It was a thrill to go visit with them at their lovely home. The kids had so much fun playing together. Here's a photo of Leah and her son in Addis. He and Busy Guy are very close in age...just a few weeks apart.
And here those big boys are now. They were fast friends.
On another day we went out to see this sight. It was on Cam's must do list. Personally, I was hot and itchy from my never ending heat a bit ill from the high altitude. But, I went along and ended up thinking it was really neat.
We went to see a HUGE meteor crater. There was a fantastic museum with lots of fun things to read and look at (if you didn't have 5 small children with you). You can go to to see more info. Cam was thrilled to see it!
It was enormous! And...did I mention it was really hot out?

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  1. Keith and I also went to the meteor was more MY list than his...and the enormity of something THAT big falling from the sky and sending up miles and miles of dust is just amazing to me.



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