Monday, October 11, 2010

Last Day at Disney

Today was our last day to spend at Disneyland. We still had not gone next door to Disney Grand Adventure. The temperature was 113 degrees. Whew! I tell you it was so hot. I have never in my life sweat so much. Our clothes were soaked in sweat. This was a day of drinking lots of drinks and well...letting the kids eat lots of treats. :) Baby George was taking his mind off of the heat in this shot.
We headed for It's a Small World. 10 minute ride in air conditioned bliss! Ahhhhh.
You can see how hot everyone looks. Sweltering.
We had one last thing to do before heading to the pool. Jedi training! Mr. P and Busy Guy REALLY wanted to do it. They eagerly jumped up and down and both got picked to come on stage and be trained as Jedi Knights. Sis was happy with the $17.00 spray fan we bought. I didn't care if it was $100.00!!! It really helped cool us off.
Busy Guy got to fight Darth Vader. Wow! The Jedi took one look at Busy Guy and commented that someone must have turned on the cloning machine! LOL. After Darth Vader was defeated he turned to leave the stage. Sis hollered "Bye Batman!!". It was hilarious. Her brothers were mortified.


  1. my sons would have both given pretty much anything to do the jedi training! it looks like you all had such a good time despite the heat.

  2. "Bye Batman"! LOL - that's good



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