Saturday, October 30, 2010


I will be posting about each of the kids and what they have been up to but first I thought I'd share with you a delicious little story.

At dinner the other night I was trying to get the food onto the table. Kids were loud, kids were running around, one kid was crying.

I heard Cam comfort Baby George (the crier) and give him a kiss.

I came to the table to see BG with his finger extended and asking for a kiss. I assumed that he had an owie on his finger (hence the crying) and I kissed it.

As soon as I had kissed it I realized that there was something on my lip. I touched my tongue to my lip. Why? I do not know and in hindsight this was a very poor reaction.

Hmmm....there is something very bitter on my lip. So I walked back to where BG was sitting and took a little look at his extended finger...which he was still holding out. EEEK. I notice something brown all over the end of his finger.

I ask BG, "is that poop on your finger?", "Yah" was the reply.

Alarm bells were sounding, Cam hollered from the next room, "WHAT!! I just kissed that finger". We both quickly ran to the bathroom and as I began rinsing my mouth and lathering up my face with soap Cam went full court press with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Blech!! We got all cleaned up (really, can you ever be cleaned up from such a thing?) and returned to the table.

There sat BG with his finger still extended, still covered in poop. I then asked him, "BG did you put your finger in your diaper?", "Yah" was again his response.

Cam cleaned him up while lecturing him on poop poking while I got the kids started on dinner.

The moral of the story. Poop is bitter and now you know it. Just kidding, the real moral of course is do not blindly kiss a boo-boo when it could really be poo-poo. :)


  1. even though i had read this story on fb, it was made even funnier with the added "bitter". thanks. i had always wondered. :)

  2. Ah, yes, poop may be bitter but pee-pee is salty.



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