Friday, October 8, 2010

Day Two

The day started with BG's ear drum rupturing. It didn't seem to hurt him but lots of stuff drained out of his ear.
The temperature unfortunately was going up....this days temp was 97 degrees. Whew! Too hot for us NW folks. We hit the park early and planned to pace ourselves. We had a lovely time enjoying rides and the sights. When it got too hot and we were hungry we headed for the pool at our hotel.
Look at these two nice siblings. :) They loved all the music and things to look at at Disneyland.
Let me tell you that lunch at the pool is my favorite vacation treat. Cam got take-out from a near-by restaurant and the kids had lunchables. The hotel we stayed in had grocery delivery which was so helpful....the kids had never eaten a lunchable and begged me to order some. Turns out that none of them liked them. Well, they liked the juice and the piece of candy. ;) I refrained from saying, "I told ya so". Yuck! Lesson learned. Anyway, eating lunch by the pool was the best. And...of course swimming with the kids. I took a suitcase full of life jackets so we could relax and know everyone was safe. I even had a woman at the pool tell me how great it was to see our kids in vests. She was a life guard and said how many times she sees kids almost drown. Mr. P did not need his life vest. What a fish he has turned into! So amazing....since he was such a cautious beginning swimmer just a few years ago. We swam about 3-4 hours each day. It kept us cool and it was so much fun.

This is a good time to point out that we don't let our kids have a ton of sugar or treats regularly. But, vacation is another say the least. Here's BG drinking Gatorade. He loved it!
Tuba's favorite thing was the pool. Even though he loved the rides he always preferred the pool. He jumps in over and over all day long.
After the pool we decided to head back to Disney for the fireworks. The temps had cooled down too which was nice. Our kids normal bedtime is 7:00 so BG fell asleep on the way over. Everyone got a BIG sucker (remember vacation rules) for a snack. Sis was having a great time lounging around eating her candy while resting her feet on me. She kept taking off her sandals and throwing them.
Cam's favorite thing is cotton candy! Not my thing....ewwwww! It looks like Cam is sharing it with the boys but really he's kinda stingy with it. ;) The boys will back me up! Cam ate a few bags a day...yes, I said that right. He said the best bag was the one he brought back to the hotel and put in the fridge. Yum, cold cotton candy. Hmmmmm. I think the heat had gotten to him.
BG woke up startled and confused. He was cranky and we quickly handed him his sucker (vacation rules again). He quieted right down. :)
On the train ride they put us in the monkey appropriate.
After so much sugar and lots of rides and a very long day. Most of us were fading fast. Fireworks we at 9:30...and I really wanted to see them. I made my crying tired kids stay up so I could see them. Busy Guy was the next one out. How sweet BG is rubbing his head while he sleeps.
Sis made it to the start of the fireworks and then was out cold. We walked back to the hotel and flopped into bed.
More to come......

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