Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Day

The wedding was held at Mormon Lake Lodge about 30 miles outside of Flagstaff. About two hours before the outdoor wedding was to begin it was pouring rain. Pouring!! But, the skies cleared and it was a beautiful day.
Cinn and Jamie acknowledged each other's families at the start of the service. Very touching and beautiful. Then Cam and Jamie's sister each read poems. For the vows Cinn and Jamie read to each other the most heartfelt letters. Love letters to each other about why they want to spend their lives together. I was boo-hooing...as were most of the guest. It was beautiful.
There could not be two more perfect people for each other. They are two of the happiest, kindest and most loving people. Perfect for each other! Love you Auntie Cinn and Uncle Jamie. Congratulations!!

Our family photo. I brought my tri-pod and yes, everyone rolls their eyes when they see me setting it up. But, seriously they will appreciate it some day. For now, I love it!! What a gorgeous bunch of people.
Love this photo of Sis waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Baby George exploring the woods after the ceremony.
Mr. P was all smiles.Nice photo of the mama and papa.
The gorgeous wedding cake. It was made by the bride and grooms friends and included coconut cake, a vegan cake and a gluten free cake. Sis ran right into the reception and stuck her hand right into the front white cake! Yikes!!! Luckily the cake maker could quickly smooth it out. Disaster avoided.
After a yummy dinner the party began. Cinn and Jamie love to dress up and brought huge bins of costumes, wigs, hats, etc. for the crowd to enjoy. Jamie's band played the music and we boogied down!! The kids really loved the costumes...okay, so did I!! Fun, fun FUN!!!
Tuba loved the costumes. Here he is in a lovely ballet number with glow necklaces.
Grandma Sue....I mean Disco Diva!
Cousin Tammy and Solana.
Family fun at it's best!
The boys were all sweaty from dancing so much.
My awesome MIL and moi!
Sis danced with Tammy for hours. She loved to spin around.
Yes, that is my husband.
The groom getting into the groove.
Grandpa Keith playing his Zydeco tie with the band.
By the end of the night the kids were so tired. Baby George had been up on Cam's shoulders playing air drums. He then sat down on Cam's lap, pulled up his shirt and said, "tickle me!". That is the cue for bedtime.
Mr. P had been crying to go to bed (it was only 8:00) but we were mean parents and made him stay. We were having so much fun. But then by 9:00 Busy Guy went fast asleep on my lap, Mr. P was crying and moaning, and Baby George was demanding tickles. Tuba and Sis were happy to keep dancing all night long.


  1. You guys were so great! It meant SO much to us to have you their and joining in with the fun! Love you!

  2. THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL DIL (BECKY) FOR PUTTING THIS OUT HERE! Yes, I'm shouting. It was such a fun time with such a wonderful group of relatives, new-relatives and friends!

  3. Love the coconut bra! LOL

    Great photos of everyone.



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