Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, Friday

Again, nothing to do with my post. Tuba came home from school like this. They had a Mardi Gras party. Fun!!

It's confession Friday.

I have to confess that I do NOT like (HATE) the new Weight Watchers program. I've always had great success using the WW plan. This time...not so much. I've been back at WW and using this new plan for over a month and have lost a whopping 2.4 lbs. For the first two weeks I lost nothing...even gained a bit one of them. UGH! I complained to the leader that the new system wasn't working for me. She gave me some suggestions and a pep talk.

In case you are not familiar with WW here is my dilemma. Both plans you count food with a point system and are allotted an amount of daily and weekly points based on your height/weight/age/sex. On the old system I was allowed 21 daily points and 35 weekly points. The new plan I get 29 daily points and 49 weekly points. This sounds strange but on the new system many foods have higher point values. BUT....many of the foods I eat...lean meat, dairy, whole grains, etc. have the same point amount. Many processed foods, sugary foods, alcohol, etc. have much higher values then they used to. But...I don't eat those foods. So, I think I'm getting too many points.

Finally after two frustrating weeks I cut out all the weekly points and ate only my 29 points each day. Also, you earn points for exercise and are supposed to add them back in but I just threw them into the wind. That is the week I finally lost 2 lbs. Yeah!! But, it's so annoying to not be able to follow the plan. I'm an EXACT kind of person. UGH! This last week I lost .4 lbs. Not amazing but at least the scale went down. Plus, it's Lent and all the carbs do make it harder for me to lose weight.

Each week when I weigh in I complain and tell the lady how I hate the new plan. How I'm frustrated. How I'm doomed. This last week she handed this pamphlet that she said, "could help explain my troubles". Okay. Good. Finally. Here is what the pamphlet says, "The great majority of our members see their best losses right at the start.....But a few people get off to a slow start...and often we see it in middle aged, petite females who have a relatively small amount of weight to lose". My first thought was WHAT????? Middle aged???? But, my second thought was Ah Hah!!! Yes, so they are recognizing that this new plan isn't working for everyone. I do fit this description. Middle aged....maybe if I only live to be 80...I plan to live to at least 100. Petite....yes, I'm 5'3". Have small amount of weight to lose....I have 10 lbs. to lose.

I am playing with the points and am eating about 29 a day and NO weekly and NO workout points. I hope this will work.

You may be thinking why not just use the old program. 1. I threw out all my old I could embrace this new program. 2. I use the online recipe builders to find out point values. 3. I plan to do WW forever so I might as well get on board.
Wish me luck!!


  1. good luck :)
    i'd be hacked if someone called me middle-aged too.

  2. haaha..I think I'm not even middle-aged anymore..just OLD, lol~! good luck on this!! it does get discouraging for me, too..i'm not doing ww, just trying to eat well and workout hard..and i WORK so hard and don't budge..:(
    guess thatmetabolism really does slow down in (ahem) middle!

  3. Stick with it Becky! I went back on WW at the beginning of January and have lost over 15 pounds so far. I think the key is really calculating and keeping track of the new points. Utilize the free fruit and vegies to fill you up. Take it one week at a time and don't stress.



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