Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hot Tub Shop

Okay, my sister in law Cinn would like to know more about my stint at the Hot Tub Shop. I was in my early twenties, going to community college and newly dating Cam when I had this job. I worked part time answering the phone and helping customers. It was BORING! I hate a boring job. I'd rather work myself to death than be bored. Any day.
Let me tell you about the guy who owned the shop. Nasty. Yep. Picture this. He was probably around 40, stuck in the 80's....mustache, feathered mullet, tight jeans, belt, polo shirt tucked in to accentuate the pecs he thought he had....NOT!. He was proud of his Italian heritage and was full of himself. He liked to pretend he was born in Italy...he wasn't. He thought of himself as the self made man....I mean millionaire. Hmmmm. He did own his own shop but was not a millionaire. In fact his wife had a high paying executive job...that he didn't want anyone to know about. He was annoying but I could tolerate him most of the time.
The job came abruptly to an end one day after Mr. Boss Man made some disgusting comments to me. He thought he was bragging. He was going on and on about his Italian family and I was half listening until he started talking about how his Grandpa had been a Nazi. Huh? I became a bit more attentive. Mr. Boss Man went on to tell me about the war and how his Grandfather had kept teeth from Jews he had killed. And how Mr. Boss Man had those teeth at home. What? I was dizzy, I was sickened, I was out of there! I quit. Disgusting Boss Man was nastier than I thought. Good riddance.


  1. OMG. Thank goodness that even at a young age you know what was WRONG. And thank goodness your mom didn't say something like, "suckit up, it's work" when there was so much more at stake!

  2. OMG is right! Why don't I REMEMBER this? ...and don't say it's because I'M OLD either.



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