Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday of Orthodoxy

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Today is the Sunday of Orthodoxy....which is the first Sunday of Great Lent. The dominant theme of this Sunday since 843 has been that of the victory of the icons. In that year the iconoclastic controversy, which had raged on and off since 726, was finally laid to rest, and icons and their veneration were restored on the first Sunday in Lent. Ever since, this Sunday has been commemorated as the "Triumph of Orthodoxy."

The children get to process with icons of their patron saints. Baby George LOVES his saint....I don't know what is up with the face. He thinks that's the way to pose for photos lately.
I love how Busy Guy is looking at Saint Moses of Ethiopia.
AND....Mr. P was enrolled as an Acolyte today. He got to serve on the altar. He was so cute. I got a little teary watching him. I missed him standing next to me too. He is getting so grown up! BaaaaaaWhaaaaaaaa! He did a great job and enjoyed himself.

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  1. I love these pictures...I love children safe in the arms of a parent with ideals to guide them and the opportunity to be educated and cared for. Thank you for sharing.



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