Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was thinking recently about all the jobs I've had. Here's a list in order.

Jobs while in High School:
Bus Girl at Seahorse Restaurant
File Clerk at collection agency
Stock Room Clerk and Gift Wrapper at Nordstrom

Jobs after high school:
Salesperson at 579 Clothing store
Salesperson at Nordstrom-Christmas gift dept. and then Lingerie
Receptionist at a real estate office
Receptionist at a Hot Tub showroom
File Clerk/receptionist at Key Tech (a chemical packaging company)
Substitute teacher
Tutor at Sylvan
Private tutor
Community college instructor

I think that's it....does that seem like a lot? Some of these places have some good stories. Which of these jobs would you like to know more about...or hear stories about? Leave it in the comments.


  1. When were you a receptionist at a hot tub show room?!? Did you ever get to try out the hot tubs?

  2. More about lingerie dept!



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