Friday, March 25, 2011


Spring is here and we have had two days of sunshine and warmer temps. Yipeeee! I feel like a dark blanket has been lifted off of me. It is amazing what a little outdoor time can do for you. Since it's Confession Friday I'll confess that I do not make my kids play outside in the winter. I give it a lame attempt but fail miserably at it. So, from Oct. - Mar....or even April we play inside. I don't blame the kids. I mean 30-40 degrees and raining is not ideal for outdoor play. Plus, the muddy wet cleanup is awful so I just give in and let them stay inside. It would probably be better if I encouraged more outside play but it just doesn't happen.

This week I took full advantage of the nice weather and took the kids to the park two days in a row! I left a dirty messy house and went out to play. It is my New Year's Resolution so really I had no choice. :)

Tuba loves to push his siblings on the swings. What a good helper! We played at the playground, walked on the beach, looked at the airplanes flying overhead, got to see a train go by and saw a zillion dogs. A wonderful day!

Here's another confession for you. We are looking for our first family dog! Yep. Now, half of you are thinking, "Great! Every family should experience having a dog" and the other half of you are saying, "What are you nuts? The clean up, the extra work!". Well, I'm excited and the kids are over the moon. I always said when our youngest was potty trained that I would get a dog. And that time is here. I know what I want and think I have found the perfect dog. We are going to meet her soon and see if she is a good fit for us. Yipee! More details to come after meeting her. :)


  1. I'm sure you already know what camp I fall into concerning getting a dog. :) Woo hoo! That is super exciting!

  2. oh wow!! no snow where you are,,,we are still under PILES of snow. :( I am needing spring, and your pictures bring a little bit of it!!! :)



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