Sunday, October 30, 2011


On Saturday we spent the day at my Aunt and Uncle's house for their annual Apple Cider Pressing Party. It was a beautiful fall day. My Uncle got 800 lbs. of the most beautiful juicy and pristine apples. Yum! They are so good. The guys ran the press and filled everyone's jugs with fresh cider to take home.
Here's my awesome Uncle Bert next to his super cool press.
Busy Guy is a serious worker! He did every job available. He is always willing to help and loves to see how things work. He is going to make his future wife very happy!
The scenery was amazing!
Busy Guy turning the crank to press the apples.
My Uncle sent us home with two boxes of apples. Yum! I made apple crisp tonight. Fabulous.
Liam was transfixed watching a bagpiper. Yes! My Uncle's friend plays the bagpipes and walked around the property playing. It was magical.
Some kids didn't want to help at all. :) But they had fun running all over and playing soccer.
Sliced apples waiting for freezer bags.
My Aunt Thonnie or "Donnie" as Sis calls her. She was in the kitchen all day turning out apple sauce, apple cake, apple pie, and caramel apples. Mmmmmmm. Oh, and we had delicious soup and other good things for lunch.
Tuba helping Nana turn the apple peeler. He loves to help too!

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