Monday, October 24, 2011

Girly Room

Sis's room is so beautiful! The path to get here was long and a lot of work but the end product is wonderful. The color turned out so lovely. I don't know if it shows so well in this photo but I really like it. I bought the cube storage and it is great to get her things off the floor and organized.

Sis still has a toddler bed...which fits her little self just fine. In fact two of her brothers also still have toddler beds. That is going to be an expensive day when we buy three twin beds. Yikes!
My favorite part of the new room is these curtains. Love them. They match the stencil I have too. I haven't put the stencil up yet. I'm enjoying her new fresh walls so much...maybe I won't do the stencil. Not sure yet.

Here's a side story about the painting of Sis's room. I was feeling very compelled to paint her room. It was really weighing on me. I would try to brush it off but it just kept coming back to nag at me. I'd tell myself not to be so crazy...that I didn't have to do it right away. But, the morning I decided to paint I was feeling especially anxious about getting to the painting. I decided to just do it and get it done. So, the first thing I did to start prepping the room was to take the light fixture down. Well, the second I touched it I jerked my hand back in pain. The fixture was so hot! I turned the light off and waited for the glass to cool. I then took it down...still rather warm. When I felt the fixture and the ceiling around it I was shocked to feel how hot they were. Scary. Then the very scary part. I next took down the smoke detector. I am VERY careful to have lots of detectors and always have fresh batteries in them. BUT, as I took hers had a dead battery! Oh my! My stomach was sick.

At that moment I realized that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. Paint that room wasn't about getting a job done but about safety. I always say that you should listen to your inner voice when it is nagging at you and telling you something. It is God speaking to you. In this case I wasn't listening because I thought it was just my "project obsessiveness" speaking. Nope. Turns out I should have listened sooner. Thankfully all is well. Sis (and her brothers) are all getting new light fixtures tomorrow. An electrician is coming to put them up and inspect the wires. The old ones are halogen which the electrician....and lots of others (grandparents and friends) say are not safe. So glad I finally listened to my inner voice!

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  1. we are all glad that your kiddo's rooms are SAFE and functional and, okay, beautiful. But Safe come first, then function, then beauty...and yes, I may be married to an artists but I know he would go with me on that sequence.



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