Friday, October 7, 2011


Sis loves to draw, color and write her name. I have to be VERY careful not to leave out any pens or markers...or pencils or she will get them and practice her skills...EVERYWHERE...walls, counters, face/body, blankets, dolls, etc.!
I'm very proud of her drawing and writing skills. However I am not happy about her constant need to draw on any and everything. Yikes. New house with lots of Sis markings = not happy mommy. She also loves to color her finger and toe nails. Pretty. Just like mommy's. :) She also colored the doll's nails too. Pretty. Not so much. This is one of my childhood dolls. Permanent ink. Darn.
I now have a bin of Crayola washable markers for her. All other pens/markers/pencils (did you know pencil does NOT come out?) are under lock and key. :O

1 comment:

  1. When she learns to keyboard the thrill of crayons may wane a bit...but nail polish and glitter? Never! She is the princess of bling!



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