Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Bubble

I've been reformed. Maybe. Probably not. But, I did let the kids do bubbles. Any of my long time readers/family members/close friends/therapist know I do NOT like bubbles. Too messy, too gooey. Blech! But, they asked and I said yes. The ground rules: Outside, in the grass, not on the deck, wear rubber boots, don't ask me for help, don't spill them in the yard. :) Don't I sound fun?! Well they did have fun. They did come up on the deck, they did spill (dump) them in the grass and they did have FUN! And aren't they cute!!


  1. As a grammy who looooves bubbles, and who knows about your lon-standing abhorence of same, I am impressed that you let it happen. Nice job!

  2. Oh, how I love you. I thought I was the only mean mom that always said "NO!" to bubbles. And then when I relented, we had the same rules. I feel so close to you right now. And when I thought it couldn't be any better, I saw your picture holding the baby and you had your "I've had it" hair. Soul mates.



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