Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo Shoot Turnout

As I said in my last post I was going crazy trying to figure out all our outfits. I finally settled on this bunch.

The scarves on top of the ironing board I borrowed from my fab friend and neighbor Ann. I could NOT decide which scarf to add to my outfit. I asked the kids numerous times. They just smiled and said, "yes, that one" even though I was wearing a different scarf each time I asked. I asked Cam too. Finally he warned me not to talk to him about scarves.....ANY MORE. Sheesh! I settled on the scarf on the left side. 

The only items I purchased for the photo shoot was a red bow for Sis and Cam bought a new down vest. Not bad! The rest of it came right out of our closets....matchy and all.

It was a long 90 minute drive to the location for the photos. The kids were not excited about spending that much time in the car. I gave them the "mom does lots of things for you" speech and then plugged in ALL of our electronics to charge for the trip. 

The setting was amazing! Exactly what I wanted for our photos. An old farm with a huge barn, fields of grass, a pond and lots of lovely trees with fall leaves. Oh my!! 

We spent one hour taking lots of shots. The kids were good and put up with all of it. Of course the promise of pizza and root beer kept them smiling and posing nicely. 

We went to a yummy pizza place for dinner. It was so fun!

My favorite yummy beer too!

Look at my loves! So precious!

We have seen just one of the photos so far. LOVE!! I can't wait to see all of them. I will post them here soon! I have one fabulous and gorgeous family!!


  1. Love the setting. Hope there is a picture of your fab family in our near future?

  2. Yes, the fab family comes along with having fab parents - and kids who know you value your memories of them. The photos are one way to gather those memories. Glad you are got "treats" after a job well done.



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