Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Now this is the way to do the Pumpkin Patch. Thank you so very much to our dear friends Farmer Vern and Cheryl. Vern grew us pumpkins and invited us up for a farm day of fun. 

The setting was beautiful. A sunny crisp day to boot! 
Farmer Vern rigged up the trailer to give us hay rides. The kids LOVED it!!

There was a huge garden with so many beautiful things to look at. 

The kids each got to pick a HUGE pumpkin. If you go look at the post from last year you'll see that this size pumpkin sells for $25.00. Whoa!!

Fennel and lettuce and more.

Our kids love Wally the farm dog.  

Wally loved the hay rides too. Check out Conn's funny!

For dinner we had beef stew, fresh baked bread, and salad....and root beer for the kids. We ate outside around a big camp fire. It was even more lovely (and yummy) than it sounds. Berry crisp for dessert.

We had such a wonderful time. Thank you Vern and Cheryl!!

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