Friday, October 11, 2013

The Slice

The Slice is back by popular demand....just kidding....I just really like doing this. 

Outside My Window - It's cool and foggy. The leaves are beginning to turn orange and red. yard looks fantastic. We spent a a day last weekend getting the yard shaped up for fall. It's not cold enough yet to kill off the remaining blooms so there is still plenty of color out there. The grass is nice a green too. 

I Am Thinking - A lot about my health...and all of the things that affect weight, my muscle mass, my flexibility, my diet, my exercise, my cancer risk, my heart health, my anxiety, my happiness. All of it....on my mind lately. Trying to find a good balance.

I Am Thankful - For the privilege of volunteering in my kids' classrooms. I enjoy all of the kids and the whole school environment. I know that I'm lucky to get to spend so much time doing what I love. 

From The Kitchen - Tomato and Roasted pepper soup with cheesy bread sticks for dinner. I'll confess that the soup is from Trader Joe's....although I plan to find a recipe and make my own soon. Cheese bread by moi.

I Am Wearing - A nightgown with little pink flowers and pj pants that are pink checkered....bare feet. And I'm all tucked into my bed with a lovely down comforter. Heavenly. More confessions. It is 2:22 pm on a Friday afternoon. :) There was no school today and the kids and I have been hanging out....and cleaning...and reading...and hanging out. 

I Am Creating - Order and cleanliness in my house. Summer is my slacking time so now it's time to get down to business. I gave the kitchen floor a MAJOR cleaning today. It. Was. Gross. Not gross like sticky spilled things but just dark in the high traffic areas. I had to laugh because the cleanest area was from the back door through to the hallway. That is where kids came in all wet from the sprinkler all summer. do clean! 

I have a steam cleaner for the flooring in the kitchen and bath. The tiles are the industrial kind that schools use. Nice for a big busy family. I'm looking for something non-toxic to make them shine. I know I can hire a janitor to buff them with a machine but I'd like to do it myself. Any suggestions???

I Am Going - To Physical Therapy. I have an old (26 yrs) knee injury, and low back strain and a neck problem. All of it is related and it's HIGH time I address these issues. I've been learning about my posture (its terrible...shoulders up to by ears, back arched, pelvis tilted back, knees locked) and which muscles are "on" too much and which ones aren't on enough. It's been interesting but really slow. I was complaining to Cam that I didn't feel like PT was helping. He asked me how many sessions I had gone to....ummmmm.....two. I know, I know...patience. But, I am the girl who has been dieting and exercising for a week and thinks I should be thin and strong....TODAY!! C'mon already!

I Am Reading - I'm catching up on my magazine pile while I wait for my newest book club book to arrive. I just finished reading Me Before You. REALLY REALLY good!! Story of a young man who is a quadriplegic and wants to end his life through assisted suicide. Loved the book! Bawled my head off.

I Am Hoping - That my knee, back, neck feel better SOON. That Cam gets home from work early tonight. That it doesn't rain on Halloween. 

I Am Hearing - Sister is brushing my hair (God bless her) and chatting with me while I type. The dog is sniffing around my bedroom....she makes little snorting sounds like a pig. I can hear the boys downstairs. Mr. P is reading and then he will play a tune on his recorder. It's actually Cam's recorder from when he was a kid. So fun! I can hear the other boys chatting and playing. 

I Am Laughing At - Sis and I are laughing. As she puts my hair into pigtails I make terrible wincing faces because she IS NOT GENTLE! As my hair is pinging and ripping I can't help but make faces. OUCH! But, it makes Sis laugh...and then I laugh....reinforcing her brushing style. The good brushing is worth the pain...most of the time.

Here's a photo from another Beauty Shop day.

Around The House - My pumpkin collection is on display. I really love fall and all of the beautiful colors. The house feels clean and organized. Today would be a good day for unexpected company. Oh, except we are all in pjs or sweats. But, the house looks good!

One Of My Favorite Things - 

This jar is my favorite, favorite, favorite thing!! I've always drank water out of a quart jar. Now I have a reusable lid and reusable straw. This jar is 24 oz. I can easily keep track of my water intake. I fill it up three times a day. It fits in my car's cup holder too! Much slimmer than my old quart jar. I take it everywhere with me. Love this!! Get yourself one HERE. You can buy lots of different jars too. Plus, you can buy the lids and straws if you have a jar you want to use. 

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week - After last year's pumpkin patch debacle SEE HERE we are going to our friends' house for a Harvest Farm Day! We are going to pick pumpkins, have a bonfire, have dinner and have FUN! For FREEEEEEEE!!

While I was getting the link for the Pumpkin Patch debacle I stumbled across THIS. I now have to go hug all of my babies....and get a Kleenex. 

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing - 


  1. I love this! Makes me feel like I am there visiting but as a little mouse in the corner. You definitely have talent as a writer. Maybe you can get some publishing hints from your fab MIL? I'd buy it! Miss you bunches!

  2. I agree with Gramma Barb - I love your Slice of Life entries.



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