Saturday, July 26, 2008

Guitar Star

What a ham! I can't imagine where he gets this from??? Who says biology has anything to do with it. I'm a true believer that nurture wins out over nurture vs. nature! This child is his father through and through!


  1. That is hysterical!!!! His father was enamored of the movie "Rocky" and we heard much music coming fromthe bedroom. Loud music. This little rock star of yours must get music lessons. Or be in kid choir. Just very, very cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love all the pics. for some reason i had you saved on my 'favorites' list but when i clicked it i went to your july 4th post..i FINALLY clicked on that I should click on home. :)
    we are adopting twins, yup. we actually are waiting for a referral. It might be a little different in basically request age, gender, siblings/single etc. if you want and then wait for a referral. we're going thru a canadian agency and i don't think they work with layla house. someone else's beautiful babies. :)
    the pics of your hubby meeting your little girl are precious..a daddy and his girl..he doesn't stand a chance. well i'm rambling on here (as i often do). glad i refound your more recent posts. darci



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