Friday, March 28, 2014

A Litte of This and That

Tuba just went to his special dance that his school puts on each year for the kids in Special Education.  He had to get all new clothes because he has grown so much. He was thrilled...he's a real clothes horse. He especially loves shoes! The bow tie was my idea...isn't he cute?! He danced his heart out and was a very tired boy the next day. Happy and tired.

Sis was playing "Vet" with our sweet dog Kali. She put the dog up on a table and then was dipping a stick into a glass of water and running it up and down the dog's body. Kali stood still and let Sis play. 

Spring is here. The weather has been been off an on with sun and rain...and you know what that makes?! The kids all ran to the window and yelled, "Rainbow!!".

Time for me to revisit Kairos moments. It's nice to write them down as it helps remind me to look for them.

Kairos moments this week:

Holding a newborn baby and petting his soft downy hair.

On my date with George he was smiling and his eyes were all lit up with excitement as we played Eye Spy in the coffee shop. 

While scolding Moses I caught sight of his big brown beautiful eyes. A Kairos moment that softened my response to him. 

After book club I crawled into bed quietly to keep from waking Cam. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see his face peacefully sleeping. 

Two brown capped chickadees were chasing each other all around my front yard. 

What is your favorite Kairos moment this week? Leave it in the comments.


  1. My Karios moment was yesterday afternoon after work when your 3 year old niece came over to visit me. Her pink cowboy boots on the wrong feet but with a huge smile really made my night. Her big eyes convey such love, it makes my heart soar!

  2. One of the reasons I walk so much - to find that Kairos moment. I look out over the water and think, "I am so lucky. Thank you for my life" I see the tiny buds poking through and the brash Skunk cabbage blossoms and I think, "I am so lucky, thank you for my life." I see pictures of your family, and my other children and their families and I think, "I am so lucky, thank you for my life." I hear that my brother is going to be okay after all (after a bit of a medical scare) and I think, "lucky life. Thanks be."



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