Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

It's Lent. Time for me to quiet my mind and grow closer to God. I would like to acquire more peace this Lent. 

Hmpf....how do I do that? 

I can't run away to a secluded island and let's be honest....my house is less than peaceful. 

There are things I can do. There are things that I know cause me to feel less than peaceful. For example my youngest two children are sitting on pillows and sledding down the stairs into our basement.....LOUDLY! Can you see my eye twitching? 

Okay, back to what I can do to feel more peace. 

1. I'm taking a hiatus from Facebook and most Internet time suckers. I need less less noise too. I don't watch TV so that's not an issue. I am going to drive more with the radio off or at least tuned to quiet soft music.

2. I am saying less. Listening more, talking less. This is REALLY hard. 

3. I am praying and reading scripture.....daily.

4. I am writing more. The process of writing and flinging out my thoughts onto this blog helps my mind feel peaceful.

5. Looking out. I spend so much of my day focused on a 2 ft. radius. It's amazing how good I feel when I look up and out. There is beauty in the world that I want to take notice of. 

6. My goal is to lay down for at least 10 minutes a day. No stimuli just close my eyes and rest. 

The photo above is our dog Kali and our cat Shiloh. Apparently even they are trying to be more peaceful. Normally the dog is petrified of the cat....For-Good-Reason! But look how happy they look. Peace is good. I'm going to get me a little peace too. 

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  1. Peace is, indeed, like a river. Sometimes with floods and other times with rapids and still other times with calm green pools and slow moving currents. I love to look beyond the "two foot fence" and say, "thank you for my life. Let me be worthy of it." Love you forever. Ditto love your family and ditto love my son.



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