Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moses is 8!!

St. Patrick's Day AND Moses turned 8!! We got the celebration started early with dinner out on Sunday night. We donned our green and our best smiles. This picture cracks me up. I told Cam that pretty soon I'll have to stand in the front row with the "littles" because the boys are almost as big as I am. Soon they will swamp me! Cam just laughs and says, "once again you don't know you are a small person". What?! I am not small!

We haven't had many dinners out since so we were all very excited. We went to our favorite waterfront restaurant. It's always a nice time to snuggle kids and play tic tac toe. Except I'm never playing tic tac toe again! Hmf....Mr. P beat me every game. Did you know there is a strategy to tic tac toe? Please just say no. 

Everyone was also excited for soda!! This time they ordered Shirley Temples or Roy Rogers. Yummy!

The next morning we celebrated with green pancakes.....and shamrock sprinkles...although they didn't get put on until after the photo.

For birthday dinner Moses requested burgers...with buns. Yummy! In the midst of Lent and eating a vegan diet we were all very excited!!

Birthday dessert was our traditional chocolate chip mint ice cream pie! is really good!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, smart, funny 8 year old! You are ALWAYS the only one ready for school, on time, without forgetting anything! Thank you!! I can count on you to do the right thing....find lost items...and help me with anything. You have awesome rhythm and I love to secretly watch you dance and sing while playing the piano. You are a delight and I'm so thrilled you are my son.


  1. We are so happy he is your son too! He is a special guy and a true joy. PS Love these pictures



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