Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Adventure

Cam and I have two new nieces. Cam's sister AND my sister each recently gave birth. Of course I love babies and I love my family and I really need to hold and snuggle these new girls. But, Cam's sister lives REALLY far Antarctica! Okay, it's not really Antarctica but there is just as much snow and it's nearly as far away. Phooey!! My sister lives closer but there is a mountain pass in between us....again the blasted snow!

Finally, this last weekend the snow had cleared from the mountain roads and we could go meet our newest wee visit grandparents, cousins and the family dogs. Yipeeeeee!

I worked all day Friday getting the groceries bought, bags packed and the van ready to go. The kids....and I were super excited. 

Just before bedtime George started throwing up. Oh no!!!! And continued to get sick all-night-long. Poor baby! After conferring with my family Cam and I agreed that Cam would stay home with George and I would take the other kids over the mountains. My prayer was, "please heal George...and keep the rest of us from getting sick, Amen". It was hard to leave my sweet little guy home but he was in good hands. 

The rest of us arrived at Grandpa and Grandma's house in time for lunch. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins and I had the time of my life hogging the baby!! Everyone really indulged me and let me hold her A LOT! I loved every second of it! She is precious, precious, precious!!! Adorable and sweet and....I want to hold her again!

George was feeling better by Sat. night and was keeping down fluids. Yeah! He and Cam had a lovely time hanging out and watching movies together. Cam sent me texts and photos of George so I could see he was getting well.

Then this photo came!! Oh! I go away for ONE night and my baby loses his first tooth. Boo!

Sunday we arrived home around dinner time. I was making pancakes for dinner when George came in the kitchen to show me his Tooth Fairy money. I had sent Cam several texts to make sure he would handle the Tooth Fairy business. I was happy to see that George got the standard amount of $3.00. Then George drops a bomb by saying to me, "Daddy told me there isn't any Tooth Fairy and it's just the parents giving kids the money". WHATTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?! I was floored but really what could I say? I gave him a kiss and whispered to him, "don't tell the other kids". He agreed and went off to play. 

From the living room I hear Mr. P ask, "Is that true Mom?". Oh no! Okay, yes he is ten but apparently he still believes! So Dad just killed the Tooth Fairy for two of our children. Truthfully, I can't decide if I'm glad or sad. I guess a little of both. 

In Cam's defense and the reason he spilled the beans to George: Cam told George to put his tooth on his window sill because George wanted to show me the tooth when I got home. They decided that the Tooth Fairy would wait one night. Without Cam knowing George brought the tooth into the kitchen and put it into a glass of water on the counter as he has seen his siblings do. Cam didn't know and he dumped it down the sink. Eeeeek! When George realized this he freaked out! Bad! Inconsolable! So, that is when Cam told him. George calmed down and was fine. The truth always rules.

He's so fine that he keeps walking around the house saying really loudly, "WOW, the Tooth Fairy is so nice, she gave me $3.00". Then he looks and me and winks. 

Side note: Do NOT start the tradition of putting your child's tooth in a cup of water!! I have dumped it down the sink numerous times....dug it out of garbage disposal, spotted it in the sink strainer or completely lost it. And perhaps do NOT ever tell them about the Tooth Fairy at all....especially if you have more than two children. It's lying...and lying never works out in the end!


  1. Oh, I loved this post. And the pictures. An, uhm, what movies were Cam and George watching that he lost a tooth! (joke)

  2. I just noticed how much Liam and Baby look alike- you know mouths wide open and no teeth, lol.



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